So let’s dive right into this topic. As cheesy or cliche as it may sound the words you choose to talk about your life are important. Very important. I’m learning this along the way and sometimes catch myself to correct myself. For example, instead of saying, I can’t, say I just need to spend more time on it to succeed. Or I’m terrible at this, change it to if I keep at it I will improve. Now let’s pause right here for a brief second. If I keep at it, I will improve. That’s where I’m exactly out in my life and what I want my life/career to be.

I’m literally almost to the point where if I don’t do this NOW or keep practicing and pushing out content and sharing my story. I will live with the should of, would of could if’s and Lord knows I do not or will not live with that. So I made a pact to myself to just try, do and keep pushing myself, to be my beautiful eclectic self I am, pushing out content and the rest will follow.

Listening to other influencer stories on how they started verse now inspire me to be like, oh well if she can, so can I and there’s room and money out there for everyone to win and do what they love. The difference in my opinion is that there super consistent and that’s what I lack.

Once I become super consistent and putting out content without second guessing myself ITS OVER for me (in a good way lol) that’s when the magic is going to start happening. So the focus for me is to be consistent, use what I have to get what I want and make it work ( Tim Gunn voice)

Furthermore to get out my own head and JUST DO IT. What are some ways or things you do to keep yourself motivated and inspired? I love hearing other people’s approach to things. Make sure you leave some comments below.

Now let’s get into this look. I love to have a muted base and add pops of color which apparently is on trend now, but that’s always on trend for me.

These sweat pants and and tank is currently at Target, White Fable brand and my blazer is old Primark. Mules are old Aldo, bag is old Zara sale and the shades I picked up at my local hair store. Are we feeling the “pop of color trend ladies” answer below. How are you rocking your pop of color pieces?

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