Wow! Where do I ever begin? Pandemic? Motherhood? Everything is like a blur and I feel like I’m still stuck in 2020. Hey y’all! I miss y’all so much! For starters I’m happy to be back especially doing what I love, fashion, lifestyle and style. However, I think it’s safe to add motherhood to the list of things I love too. Yes, you heard right, I’m whole entire mother! Somebody’s MOTHER! And I love that for me. If you don’t follow any of my social media handles, I am a proud NICU mama to a beautiful miracle baby boy Quattro (nickname because he’s the for IV)

Going through that experience was TOUGH. SUPER TOUGH! I think I’ll go down that path for another blog post in the near future and probably do a YouTube video instead. I wanna talk about it, but I want to be in the right mind space to explain and tell everything that I went through and what happened, but for now I just want to say that after that experience you realize a ton about life, etc. So ultimately that was the reason for my slow down or disappearance with blogging, but baybehhhhh, I’m back!

Just warming up for now, but trust and believe my foot is on the gas and no brakes! This time I’m getting out of my own way, out of my own head and doing things with more consideration, more thought, etc. The main thing that I need to get down packed and work on is consistency. In due time that will come.

So for now I’ll keep it brief, but just wanted to let you all know that yes my blog is still around and kicking as well as me. Just in a total different lifestyle now that I’m still getting use to, being a mom etc, but no complaints. So cheers to me to sticking it out and not completely giving up on the things I love. It’s only up from here.

So, let’s get into it shall we. What I’m wearing? Yes, it’s funny because this is the same outfit from my last post in 2019, but so what. I’m wearing my clothes, haha. It’s a classic monochromatic suit from Primark. I love a suit and sneakers look. It still gives off power and chicness, but I’m comfy vibes. Ya know. You’ll sure be seeing more suits coming from me that will be styled different ways, but having a suit or 2-3 is needed right? Sneakers are Comme de Garçons, shades are from Amazon and tank from Target. Well, that wraps this look up. How do you rock your suits? Happy Thursday! Talk to you soon.

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