It’s October already! Yikes! Can you believe I’ve been blogging for three years? (well tomorrow is the actual day) I can’t even believe I’ve been blogging for three years. Yay! Go me! I must say it wasn’t and isn’t a easy road. However, still loving all the good, bad, ups, downs that come with blogging, but overall it’s absolutely fun. I’m still learning every single day, but with each day I’m getting better. Three years down and so many more to go! Besides this ninety degree weather, 2019 is zooming by and I’m floating above water. I feel like there’s a lot going on personally right now that I will explain later on, but for the most part just trying to get things in order and be consistent with everything is key.

This month is the month for cozy sweaters, apple cider, leaves falling and so much more. However, the colors that I’m looking forward to enjoy for Fall (even though I’m a Summer girl) are burgundies, greys, camel and cognac like this suit I’m wearing. When I first seen it at Primark, I had to snatch it up! This color is so luxe and can be worn in infinite ways it’s unbelievable. For now, since it’s still hot out, I decided to dress accordingly. This suit is from Primark’s 50th anniversary celebration and it’s way too good.

Y’all!!!!!!!! How good is this powersuit? Super cute right! Now you see why a sistah had to have it! I styled it a lace bralette (it’s actually over top of my regular bra) I can’t wait to style this in so many ways. I dressed it down for now because I like to mix street and chic together. Be on the look out for a video on how I style my suits. Had to throw on some Nike Cortez because this color combo was just too saucy. Side bar, if your new to my blog and/or IG my favorite color is orange and grey.
I must say as a kid I loved sneakers up to about the age of 23/24 because I worked for PUMA then after that you couldn’t catch me in a sneaker. Now that I have a bae and he’s a sneaker head, he buys all my sneakers and keeps me fresh with the footwear. Now I’m somewhat addicted and he tells me I don’t wear heels like I use to (he’s lying btw lol) but look who did it? Anyway, October is going to be a great month because I’m working on another creative outlet that I believe I can flourish in. Positive vibes only!

There isn’t a link for this look, sorry, but I know for sure it’s in stores. So my boss ladies, what do y’all have planned for October? Any new goals? Working on anything fun and exciting? I would love to hear! Drop some comments below! Well I hoped you enjoyed the post and this look that I’m loving for Fall so far. Happy Wednesday!

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