Hey y’all! It’s Me! Hope y’all didn’t forget about a sistah. I’m around promise! Just been adulting these last 3-4 months so my focus has been on that. However, all is well my boyfriend and I purchased a house in Deleware this past May end of June so that was a huge step for us and something we always wanted to do and we did it! So that’s where our focus has been while maintaining other departments in our life.

Buying a home was something we always wanted to do so actually doing it and the work for it felt really good and still does since we only been in our home for 4 months. So if you were wondering why I wasn’t posting on IG between May and July that was the reason, but I’m back! Everything is a juggle and some balls have been dropped, but we just picked them back up and continuing juggling.

Now that we are somewhat settled into our new home there’s a lot of plans on what we want to do and how we want to decorate, etc. Almost every weekend if not every other, we’re at Home Depot, Home Goods, Marshall’s, etc any home store you can think of we’re there with bells on haaha.

Overall, it’s a process and definitely a marathon, but we’re taking things step by step. Within those months I’ve been contemplating to do more for TWS, by using and applying my creativity since I’ve been blessed with it ya know. So I have a few things up my sleeve so please stick around for it! Well that’s where my time has been spent if you’ve been following me on IG then you know! Now let’s get into this look ofcourse!

Since I missed my summer slayage, the weather has been giving us a little more jet then I thought and I’m definitely here for it! I love the Summer, even though since we’re heading into October, some days have been slightly chill to throw in a leather jacket with this cute dress I got from Burlington coat factory.

It’s all about transitioning your garments for different seasons. Shoes are Forever 21 as well as my earrings. Well that’s if for now good people. Thanks for stopping by my post and hope you enjoyed the read and look! Happy Monday!

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