As simple as those words may seem. It feels like it’s the hardest thing to try not and do. Right? Or is it just me? We all go through those moments where we feel like nothing is working, things aren’t going the way you want them to go and you just want to throw the towel in. Well guess what, God throwing it right back at you because he did with me. Trust, I know we’ve all been there and probably some of us are feeling that way now and guess what it’s all good! Nobody told us the journey will be easy. So for one sec don’t believe that he didn’t bring you this far for you to just quit. I was just feeling that way just this past Monday and God was like chill shawty.

Whenever your feeling like your in a rut, please, please, please try and refocus to why you started. All the things you’ve accomplished, all the wins and losts because they make you a better person. Realize that you have people rooting for you to keep going. We always want that overnight success, because we feel like it’s been long enough, but Gods timing is the ultimate and best timing. You’re exactly where your suppose to be right now. God has so much in store for you and a trillion blessings with your name on them so keep pushing now let’s get into this look. I always loved prints and I love how they look with different patterns if you style it right. So I played around with this look and even though their two completely different patterns they coordinate and work. So don’t be afraid to mix some patterns here and there, but make sure it makes sense.

Both top and bottom are from Zaras winter sale they had back in December/January. Booties are old Rue21, sunnies are Forever21 and fanny pack is old Marc Jacobs. Well I hope you enjoyed the post and look. Remember, you’re a champ! You got this. Leave a comment and follow me on IG. Happy Monday.

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