Omg! I don’t even know where to begin with this trip. A trip that I manifested a long time ago came to reality. My God is an awesome God! This trip was definitely a bucket list trip and I can now check this off the list. Check! So my honey has a special job that requires him to travel so this time it was in Gods plan for me to tag along. My trip was only one week long, but personally I needed a about a week and half maybe even two lol just trying to see almost everything like the temples, monuments etc and getting use to the time adjustment. However, I enjoyed every single second of it and definitely worth doing it again for sure I’m manifesting it. Haaha!

So it was Feb 20th I got up about 6am, took a shower, put on my comfy grey sweatsuit from Primark, tripled checked to make sure I had everything packed. Called my Uber around 6:45 arrived Uber arrived by 7am, my flight wasn’t until 10:50, but a sistah wasn’t beat messing around with traffic, weather because it was calling for snow, etc. Perfect! Everything going butter smooth, I was on my way to the airport super early because obviously this wasn’t a flight you want to miss because I’m not going down the street and around the corner. This was international, out of the country, another time zone, the opposite side of the world! Don’t play with this kind of trip.

Get to the airport, plenty of time for the plane to arrive, so why not grab a healthy juice, take some pics for the gram to kill some time. You know. Around 10am I want to say it started snowing, ok big deal wasn’t coming down hard. About the time boarding started it was 10:20 maybe, about 10:50/11am the flight was ready to take off. So before we’re taking off since the darn snow was in the way we had to wait for theses guys to come and pry this green goo on the wings for whatever reason. Mine you the plane was ginormous, the kind where there’s seats in the middle and on both sides on the plane. It was a Boeing plane to be exact.

That took about 30-40 mins so the flight ended up being delayed to go to Toronto, that as the first stop. So I’m looking out the window every two mins literally to see if they mad any progress. So about this time I’m high key freaking out because my flight from Toronto to Japan was boarding at 1:30. The plane ended up getting to Toronto about 15 mins prior to boarding. I dart off the plane, running through the airport like Home Alone literally, out a breath because I’m out shape. Get through the international gates, the employee is like yea your flight is still running, get to customer service and they drop the bomb on me! Mam, I’m sorry but your flight has been cancelled until tomorrow. When I say I was on FIRE, if you touched me you would have had first degree burns, that’s how heated I was. Was crying and everything. Smh.

I flew Air Canada to and from by the way. So at first the guy was kind of a jerk because I was freaking out, again this wasn’t a down the street flight ok! This is international baby! After I calmed down a bit and gathered my thoughts, then thats when I made them give me a extra day on my returning flight because it was their fault for the cancellation in the first place.

So they accommodated everything, put me in a hotel at Crowne Plaza for the night, $30 food voucher, free shuttle service and $15 food voucher for the airport. Got my food, a big glass of wine and and laid my butt down, relaxed my spirit and got back up super early for the next day. I didn’t care if the airport was across the street, a half of block away, I was there 3 hours prior, it was 5 mins away though, but still lol. Afterwards, I felt a little better because I ended up staying an “extra day per say.”

Get to the airport super early again, had time to relax, get food, collect ideas and my thoughts, etc. Flying Air Canada, they did give you 3 meals and snacks in between. Oh, did I mention, wine too to put you right to sleep on this 13hour journey. So the first day we explored Japan a bit, took the train everywhere because why not? Getting the experience than pay tons of money on cabs because they don’t have Uber or Lyft there. Mind you nothing is in English and everything runs on military time. Whew. Thank God for bae because I would of ended up God knows where! We went to the outlets and the market place in Yokosuka-Shi where it was pretty much a ginormous flea market times one hundred! They sold everything from fresh meats, to produce, to apparel, etc. I was in heaven!

The third day, because the first night I got there it was late and we chilled. The next day we did this INSANE trail. I mean about a 2-3 hr trail that I was somewhat unprepared for because I wore sneakers, but unprepared for my shape lawd! I am out of shape! My God!

However, I was the right place at the right time cause I haven’t worked out in about 3 weeks and it was intense, but it hurt so good. Believe it or not I loved it, even though I complained a little bit. Towards the middle of the trail there was this super cute cafe/restaurant that sat up in the middle of the woods that I so was not expecting at all. I mean it was so cute and romantic. I guess bae had this planned the while time! Love love loved it! (See vlog on IG)

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There’s so much more, but I recommend to visit my IG page to view all my pics and mini vlog that I uploaded on IGTV. On a scale from 1-10 this trip was a 14! Loved every second of it and can’t wait to go back. We didn’t get a chance to explore Kyoto where all the beautiful temples are, but definitely next time, God’s will. Happy Friday! Hope you enjoyed this long blog post an pics. Please leave a comment, like or share.

Xoxo TWS

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