Hey Weekenders! Coming into 2019 I’ve been on a high. I’ve been super consistent, my feed and aesthetic has changed (have you noticed) and before the new year rang in I made sure I set the bar high for myself and that’s what I want you all to do because your absolutely capable of it all. You know why? Because God never gives you more than you can handle or bear. I felt like in 2018 I was too lax, not really giving it my all and for the most part just not doing enough. If you felt this way or feeling this way now, you are not alone. This led to so many questions. One day I was like, what the f$%# am I doing? Many questions I asked myself like what is TWS about and stand for? Why do you have this platform? What do you want portray and capture? Etc, etc. Trust there’s was a lot more questions than that.

I just felt stuck, lost and uncreative. With so much prayer and taking action towards the steps I needed to make I felt myself coming out of that rut. I would even encourage myself, hype myself up, tell myself I’m the sh&% because sometime you need that reminder because I am. So are YOU! By no means am I’m conceited, just confident. Plain and simple.

I knew that deep down I can kill it without a doubt if I focused, paced myself and did things MY way because at the end of the day I run my own brand not everybody else. So you have to do YOU and do what best fits your brand and true self. Before I was dictating what other bloggers were doing to my lifestyle and tryto compare the way I do things with theirs, etc and it was an entire mess! Never again! Nope!

So much realization has come into play bewtween when I first started blogging up until now and I’m glad I’m in the path that I’m heading towards. I haven’t reached all of my goals yet, but some of them have blossomed. So I say all of that to say this. Keep going because you started for a reason and you didn’t come this far to give up. I know the blogging world is competitive, but you’re a competitive woman and bad ass in your own way. We all are! That’s what makes us unique. Now lets get into this look…

So my top and teddy coat is Zara sale, skirt is super old H&M. My sock booties are Balenciaga and hat is forevr21. Well i hope you nenjoyed the look and post. Make sure you leave a comment and/or share. Xoxo TWS

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