Happy Friday Weekenders! We made it. Gods will. I’m just going to hop right into this because LIFE really be happening, like life life! I have always been the one to speak so much power over my life. All of my manifestations are currently forming and will soon become a reality. There’s nothing or no one that can stop what’s headed your way. The power of your mind can do  infinite things if you allow it. Good and bad, but lets stick with the lather and make it all GOOD!

There’s some personal things that I’ve been going through and I’m just staying positive as much as I can. Really it’s the only thing I can do since I serve an awesome God and I know for a fact he’s about to show up and show out on everything that I have been praying, hoping and wishing for. I just need to be patient because I’m a totally impatient person, but I’m working on that. I’m a working progress in all depts of my life. We all have our little problems right? No perfect person here.

In due time maybe I will, maybe I won’t share with you all what’s been bothering my soul. So for now, I say all of that to say this, whatever you’re going through, trust and believe God has already worked out whatever I’ve been praying for before I even put it into a prayer and the universe. So that’s something I have to always try and remind myself. Trust. Now lets get into this look.

So this look is ofcourse from Zara sale. Every single year when they’ve have their after Christmas sale, you know a sistah must snag me some pieces, okay! Both button up top and boyfriend jeans are from Zara. Bots are old Rue 21, oh yes the bag is old Zara too! See smh I going to bed Zara to sponsor a sistah one day. (Just out that in the universe, inserts smirk face) a hat his from a men’s store here in Philly called Shirt corner as well as the black you always she me in. Cropped leather jacket is super old H&M before the racist stuff. Let’s just be clear. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed the ost and look. Be sure to comment! Xoxo TWS

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