When I first typed this topic, all I can think about is Drakes song ‘Own It’ song. Y’all know that song is a hit and it still bangs in the car. Haaha. Anywho, wherever you go, no matter what the weather is, always bring your own sunshine. I know the market is saturated with bloggers, fashion brands, etc. However, as a blogger or any other entrepreneur you have to create your own visual style, let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable to others. Own It! You are you and that us your uniqueness. There’s only ONE you, there may be copy cats, flattered folks that confuse things with imagery, but no one is you, no one can do it like you. Period!

We all have our flaws and some things we may be insecure about, but use that as your advantage! God made us all a one of kind. So own it! Whatever that “it” is. For example, I have a pointy nose and big nostrils, but hey a sistah still pulls guys (lol) cute, fly, intelligent along with an plethora of other things. You Nate bit here it fit into the world, you are here t make it your own! So at the end of the day, just be you and own it! Are out with me? I’m feeling so luxe in this look, you really can’t tell me nothing! Lol.

Now we all know teddy coats are trending and I just had to have this one from Zara, on their current SALE that’s gong n now. Their actually still available in store, but haven’t seen them in the site. I want another teddy but not with this nap of fabric, one that looks more so like a teddy bear and in camel. Any places where I can snag one from? The skirt is thrifted, top is old Charlotte Russe, booties are old Rue 21 and sunnies are Celine. Well I hope you enjoyed this post and look. Leave a comment, share! Xoxo TWS

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