Where do I even begin with this subject? Being as though it’s the first day of Black History month. Let’s just say it takes way more than a month to acknowledge black history and all the things my ancestors have done, created, invented and died over. Where’s our reparations? No, like seriously though. So many triumphs and struggles that my people have gone through and still until this day go through, including myself and the people I’m close to is quite disheartening. In conclusion, it’s so much that I can talk about regarding this topic, but this blog post will probably turn into a novel about time I’m done writing it. Nonetheless, I’ve always been black and been proud of the skin I’m in. Have you ever heard of that quote, we are made out of brown sugar, cocoa, honey and gold. Its absolutely true. We are just divine people! I love my people and it doesn’t take a month for me to recognize that. It’s a 365 day thing trust. 

Black history is so ginormous, so full and plenty of information that I don’t know every single thing about us, but I do know quite a hefty bulk of it though. Just so we’re clear, back history DID NOT start with slavery! Do not let folks tell you that because its absolutely wrong! I will forever acknowledge and bow down to Malcom X, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, John Brown, Angela Davis, Martin Luther King Jr, Madam CJ Walker, Marcus Garvey, Nat Turner and so many many more to that infinite list. What hero or heroes do you look up to?

Writing about black history and just thinking about all the things that my ancestors have gone through leaves a very proud yet sad taste in my mouth. We were/are hated just because of our skin color amongst a plethora of other things. They can continue to hate whatever they want, but they can’t still your peace, happiness, joy and soul EVER. Don’t even let them! We are magic. Our skin is beautiful. We are beautiful. We are unique. We are powerful. We are intelligent. We are black. We are proud!

Now lets get into this look. The pants are thrifted, but check this, their from the kids section in the biggest size there was lol and they fit perfect. The hate is thrifted as well. The fur coat is my mothers that she isn;t getting back, shhhh don’t tell her. The bag is old Aldo, white boots are old Rue 21 ad lastly the sweater is from http://www.fasondeviv.com

Thank you so much for stopping by my post. Hope you enjoyed the look. Xoxo TWS

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