Happy New Year Weekenders! 2019 is here and in full effect! This is my first post for 2019 and it’s a must that I start it off right! I wanna quickly touch base and talk about what we put out into the universe. The minute you decide you want better for yourself is the minute the entire universe begins to shift in your favor. After that sentence I’m getting all the feels of positive vibes floating into the universe. I’m starting to get in that mind set of already having it and working harder than the last accomplishment. In addition, we have to know that what we’re feeling on the inside so that it shows on the out and what we want is just an energy shift away. Shifting our mind to keep the faith, visualize what we want and really feel good about it in your heart and soul.

Furthermore, the universe is always working, flowing and ready to align you with your visions. You just have to believe and know that everything works in your favor. For 2019, this is what I will repeatedly say to myself and in the mirror. Please feel free to use this too if you think it would help. “Everything comes easily and natural to me.” “My financial issues are already taken care of.” Or however you want to say these statements, I guarantee you if you repeatedly say encouraging and uplifting words, add in a ton of prayer and do the work, you’ll get to exactly where you want to be and most likely better! Try it. Then let me know the results.

Every blessing that you ever prayed for already has your name on it. There’s so many things that I prayed for and have received them. Whether big or small, just because I believed in it and manifested that it will come into fruition. I’m telling you, our minds and what we can do is so powerful you really just have to truly believe and do the work. As a child we all have had a limitless imagination and believed in almost anything. So if we can beleive in Santa, the bunny rabbit, cartoon characters, etc we can beleive in our dreams and goals. The work is in the doing, remember that. I believe in you all.

Now lets get into this bomb luxe look that only cost me $22! When I say you don’t need to break the bank when shopping, you absolute don’t! This entire look minus the hat, booties and fanny pack is from the thrift store. Sweater is Lands End $5, striped button up $2, skirt $4, booties $10, socks $1! Everybody can be fashionable, but the real question is do you have style? I love love loveeee this look.

I hope you enjoyed the post and look! Make sure you leave a comment. I want to hear your testimonies! We all have them.

Xoxo TWS

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