Hey Weekenders!

It’s the first week of Fall and I’m a tiny tiny bit ready. I’m somewhat prepared, emphasis on somewhat, only because I’m covered in coats, but the wardrobe is a thumbs down. Side bar, I just got a promotion at my 9-5 so that’s totally an excuse to shop for clothes with my new position right? Hopefully my boyfriend isn’t reading this, haaha. I guess I can stand the Fall, it’s the winter time that’s the devil, but anywho. Since I’m on a budget, there’s nothing like vintage pieces that are cheap and one of a kind. Quick story time, as a kid my mom will always, always, always shop at the thrift store and I would be so embarrassed because I was ignorant to the fact that the clothes weren’t knew, I didn’t want to be caught shopping in a second hand store, someone worn the clothes, the stores always smelled old, etc. I can come up with a ton of reasons why I couldn’t stand it, but as I got older and saw that you can get some major gems from the thrift store I was a sold customer! Mind you, my mother still shops there until this day as to I, but I thank her for introducing me to thrift stores. She teases me until this day because now I love them. Thanks mom!

Vintage clothing will always always stick with me because the fabrics and quads just everything back in the day. They took their time, the fabric was luxe, the construction was everything. I definitely will be taking a trip to the thrift store ASAP. That’s why I love https://www.fasondeviv.com/collections/clothing because she finds the most bomb vintage pieces ever. If your loving and eyeing this power suit, it’s too late its already mine! Sorry ladies lol. When she sent me pics of this and styled it with the fur stol and cute mini vintage leather bag, she KNEW this was right up my alley. My style! Tomboy chic with a bit of girliness. If you love vintage clothing, head to your local thrift store now! Just a small pointer that helps me though, make sure before you go in you make a list of what exactly your looking for because it can be overwhelm in if you don’t know what your looking for. It helps me, so maybe it can help you. You’re welcome 😉. Shoes are Aldo.

Hope you enjoyed the post and look. Leave a comment and/or share. xoxo TWS

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