Happy Tuesday Weekenders!

So I feel that Fall has slid their little chilli way into this weeks temperature huh. Major side eye! I was really hoping and praying for a Indian Summer where it stayed in the low 80s until mid October, but I guess Mother Nature had other plans. Although, the weather has been bipolar lately, there could possibly be a chance we get those warm temperatures. I’m praying for it haaha! If you’ve been following my posts or my IG, I’m definitely not the girl who likes the cold temps, totally a hot girl, no pun intended. I was born in January so you can see why me and the cold always beefing. Anything 65 and below, nope, grab my triple fat goose because I’m freezing! Judge ya self. Lol. Well anywho, there’s nothing I can do to change the weather, but dress accordingly and since it’s still early Fall it’s not too bad, I guess.

Any color in the orange family is right up my alley. I’m loving this rust orange, ruffled baby doll top from https://www.fasondeviv.com/collections/clothing that can me worn with a skirt, denim, shorts and maybe add a knit sleeveless duster over top to show off the sleeves, etc. Always endless possibilities. The distressed denim and snake skin clutch, which is so on trend right now is also from her boutique as well. My hat is Forever21, Shoes are Aldo and I borrowed my photographers sunnies to top it off.

Thanks so much for stopping by my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and liked the look. Please feel free to like and/or comment below. xoxo TWS


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