Hey Weekenders!

So Fall isn’t quite here yet and I’m here for it all. I’m totally a Summer person and I’m not complaining about this “Indian summer” we’re having right now. I was born in January so you can see why the cold isn’t my fortay. Give me the heat any day! Well anywho, a lot of people think once summer is over it’s time to pack away your summer clothes, when really they can be transitioned into the Fall if you rock it right. Like for instance, my Kelly floral maxi dress http://www.shavonnedeann.com that can totally be layered with a leather jacket, knitted duster, or even a denim jacket how I styled it below. Maybe wrap a  light sweater around your waist. Add in some booties, thigh highs, sneakers or even combats boots to give it that Fall look. Just because it’s September and it’s Fall doesn’t mean your a Summer. wardrobe has to be packed away immediately. Utilized those pieces and just add a layer or two, don’t neglect your Summer pieces so quick. Thank me later.

So I wanted to a show you ladies a Fall inspired look to wear for the Fall even though I’m definitely not ready for this coldness, but hey I guess you can look cute right? So this would be an early Fall look when it’s still a little luke warm out but with a slight windchill to have your toes out. Layers it with my boyfriends denim jacket, my Forever21 hat, heels are Primark aaa well as my earrings. Dress is Shavonne DeAnn, link above and denim is https://www.fasondeviv.com/collections/clothing

Hope you ladies enjoyed the read and look. Leave a comment and/or share. xoxo TWS

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