Happy Tuesday weekenders!

Yes, it’s been a minute and I haven’t had a blog post since the end of July and it’s safe to say that I’m just over here trying to invest in myself. If not you then who? Right? When I say invest in yourself I don’t mean trying to keep up with the Jones or trends, but just simply planting that seed in your life that has worth and value. Something that’s going to put you closer to that next goal or accomplishment. Something that you will thank your future self for because that’s for damn sure what I’m doing. Invest in people that invest in you. Do that thing you’ve been putting off and stop procrastinating and just DO IT!

Makes me think of Kyrzada (SIP) and what she was saying in her last live. That struck a different cord in me to really do that thing you’ve been putting off. Don’t waste another second or minute, just go! She was such an tremendous inspiration to me and still is. Her words of encouragement and fashion sense will always stick with me.  My blog hasn’t no where near reached it’s marked yet and this is why I have tons of work to do and why investing in yourself is important and that’s what I’m doing and so should you. We’re in this together so let’s kill it out here! I believe in myself, I believe in you.

This October will be my 2 year bloggerversary and I must say lawd I came a long way, but a sistah is USA now getting started! Learned so so much and ofcourse still learning until this day. Every single day. I’m still a newbie in these blogger streets, but I’m maintaining. There’s a few blogger babes that I look up to and I appreciate them dropping their gems, knowledge and experiences. It’s very helpful to add to apply certain things to your life. So take that step and invest in you! Now let’s get into this look.

Color blocking is here and never went anywhere if you ask me. I absolutely love this silky blouse and high waisted pink pant from https://www.fasondeviv.com/collections/clothing this  super cute multi color wicker bag. If you ladies haven’t shopped with them yet, smh you’re really missing out. Sunnies are hers a well. Not to mention yes, she’s a small black owned business. Shoes are Forever 21.

Thank you for stopping past to see my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and look! Leave a comment or share!

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