Happy Monday! I must say I had a really nice weekend! Saturday I drove up to NYC alone to Curly Girl Fest, originally my friends were suppose to hang with a sistah, but life happened, things happened and they couldn’t make it, but that didn’t stop the show. Curly Girl Fest is such a phenomenal event and this is my second year attending. Since I dropped my collection recently it was only right and smart to wear my own garments. Side bar, never go alone to this fest because it’s a little overwhelming if you don’t know anyone. You’re literally a small fish surrounded by a trillion people lol. All good tho. Hence I don’t have any pics of myself, just instastories from that day, so if you ever go make sure you take friends, blankets, snacks, etc.   Seeing all the beautiful shades of beautiful melanated women was such a great thing to see. When we come together and have a good time, we do it and I must say THEY DID THAT! At first I was a little thrown back attending a huge event like this alone, but I figured, hey, I’ll probably run into some people I know and I did. It’s funny because as I’m getting out of the car, I’m saying to myself, I hope I run into my friend Simone and her sister Safra because they’re my boos  from wayyyy back! I hope people take pics of me in my garment, blah, blah, blah. So my friend Simone is actually one of the girls who runs the event. So after I’m done eating and I’m walking around minding my business I run into Safra and I’m like look at God!  Small things ya know, grateful for the little things…

So prior to that, I probably been there for about 2 hours walking around. Don’t you know that no one took my picture. Not ONE single person! So at that point I’m starting to get discouraged like damn, do I not look cute? Maybe I should of styled this differently, etc. (Small fish, big ocean) So I got up to NYC like 1 and left at 5 to beat the rain, don’t you know as I’m leaving I get pulled by the fashion photographer for Essence and another photographer afterwards, but didn’t even get his contact info because at that point I was tired and hot! Whaaaaaat! Look at GOD! Rewind, manifesting and attracting those vibes all this happened within hours! My God. Now let’s just hope I make the cut on the Essence website because I might of looked drained at the end of the day lol. So anywho that was my highlight for the weekend. Now let’s get into this look. So if you know me, you know that I’m not the full girly girl style person. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the girly look , but a little rough around the edges. Street chic. This bomb dress is from http://www.fasondeviv.com   I had heels, but they just didn’t look right for what I was going for so I opted for the Nike blazers which I’m so in love with because their orange and that’s my fav color. This dress can be worn a few ways, but sneakers worked out best for me. The Nike’s are from TJ Maxx that I lucked up on and grabbed as fast as I can when I saw them. The hat is Shirt Corner and my earrings are Aldo.

So whatever you want to happen in your life for the greater good. Always speak good things to yourself that you want to happen. Now it may not always happen that quick like it did for me on Saturday, but it’ll work at the perfect timing no matter what. Trust! Thanks so much for stopping by my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and look. xoxo TWS

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