Happy Monday everyone! Where do I even begin talking about being a boss because it can go in so many ways. I guess I can consider myself being boss since I “work for myself and call the shots” since I run two businesses, my blog and clothing brand. However, I love to lead and inspire others of doing the same thing. As well as following and believing in your dreams and being passionate about what you truly love.  Being a boss has its struggle moments and those glamorous moments which I call a beautiful struggle because the two are needed in order to be a boss and/or entrepreneur.

I’m definitely not at the “boss status” that I would like to be just YET, but with continuous hard work, consistency, dedication, faith and drive I’ll be there exactly when I’m suppose to. Gods plan, God’s time. I’m here for the marathon, not the race. With that being said,  I’m happy to be wearing two brands from two beautiful black women bosses! My shirt is http://www.thesepinklips.com that I love! Her pieces are bold, vibrant and unapologetic with a message. The shorts I’m wearing are from http://www.fasondeviv.com that I also truly love. I wear her pieces all the time if you follow my posts. Her pieces are eclectic and fun. Two beautiful queens that I adore! Make sure you check them out!

My shoes and earrings are from Primark. Hat is from, what I call, the OG store called Shirt Corner here in Philly.

Hope you enjoyed my post and look! Make sure you leave a comment! xoxo TWS

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