Happy Monday Everyone!

This weekend made me realize that if you don’t appreciate the roses while you’re here, you won’t appreciate the destination you’re trying to get to. We all know that everyone has their busy lives whether it’s having a 9-5, being a entrepreneur full time, having kids, taking care of your family, trying to have a social life etc, etc. If we don’t appreciate those long nights, rough days, bad days, losing sleep, set backs, set ups, whatever the case maybe how can we really appreciate that final destination when we get to it? I ask myself and tell myself the same things so I can get a better grasp and outlook on life.

Life is sooooooooo precious I can’t stress it enough. Try to enjoy every single second that goes by whether good or bad because God willing you get to see another day. Everyday I wake up I thank God for letting me have another chance at life to make myself better because we all have things we want to perfect right. To thank him for every single thing that he has done for me and everything he will do! Amen. Cherish your life, appreciate the small things, do that “thing” you been wanting to do. Take that first step at least. Sorry if I went on in tangents but you get me though right? Now lets get into this look. Yes, I am wearing my own top and denim shorts form my current collection at http://www.shavonnedeann.com  I like to make pieces that you can mix and match together to create another look. If you haven’t been to my site, what are you waiting for? Shoes are Aldo, sunnies are Celine and oh I forgot the mesh bag is Shavonne DeAnn too. Hope you enjoyed the look and get a chance to go on my site. Happy Monday!

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