Oh hey y’all heyyyyyy!

Yes, I know its been a trillion months since I had a blog post, but a lot of life has happened since then! If you’ve been keeping up with my stories for the past 3 months or so, a sistah has relaunched her clothing brand and can’t be more happy, stressed, excited and a plethora of other things at the same time. I say relaunched because it’s been about 3 years, maybe more since I designed and created a collection. Having faith as small as a mustard seed and just pulling myself out of that terrible rut Inhad to finally see my vision come back to life. So ofourse I’m watering my plants with both designing and blogging so that one day they can fully grow and bloom. This time I had to put blogging on a slight hold to work on my other baby (Shavonne DeAnn) in the meantime. TWS has been an outlet for me to still showcase my fashion sense, meet new ppl, new opportunities, etc. So happy I started this blog because it’s a segway of my clothing brand and gives me another platform to showcase what I do and what I can do.

When you have a vision for yourself all it takes is to believe, have faith and take that first step! The rest is history. The feeling is indescribable of wearing my own clothes! A sistah hasn’t shopped in a very long time and that’s ok because guess what, don’t get mad and be over me when I’m wearing my OWN clothes (for the most part lol) all summer eighteen! So now let’s get into this look. My collection was isnlsired by loungewear and Asian culture, hence my beautiful Kimono you see. This garment can (to me) be worn all season because it’s verstaile. It can de dressed up or down. The shorts are also my own that goes with a denim short kimono where you can find all my pieces at http://www.shavonnedeann.com

Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed the read and look. Leave a comment below. Happy Thursday!

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