Hey Loves!

Wanted to share my recap from my trip in Bahamas last week. This was my third or fourth time there and the first couple of times were cruises to the Bahamas. I love cruises! This time my hunni and I went down for a family wedding that he was in and of course added in some extra days for a vacation. We didn’t stay at any fancy swanky hotels, but they were decent enough. We went down for 6 days and 5 nights and of course to  me 8 days probably would of been good for me, but reality called us back to the states. Womp. I wanted to stay longer because duh its a vacation, but I actually have family from there on my mother’s side. My mothers, father, mom (great grandma) is born and raised there. Unfortunately, she died when I was a kid, but I do remember her beautiful caramel skin and how tall, gorgeous she was with her strong accent and how sweet she was. Fast forward, so of course between than and now I had no clue on how to find my family members and my family never really looked until recently.

Funny story, each taxi we hopped in of course I asked each person what their last name was LOL I didn’t care. Why not? Just so I can try and figure out the pieces to the family puzzle. If your wondering, Bahmas isn’t a huge island so everybody knows everybody. So I’m related to the Mackey’s Woodsides and Rolles. My grandmother married a Mackey so I guess thats how that started. No luck finding them this time, but definitely next time that will be the main agenda. I say all of that, to say this. Know who your family is, where they come from and your roots. It’s so important! I would LOVE to know more about my family that I don’t know about or never met and trust me, I will…


On the other hand, from tropical island drinks, to Señor Frogs and embarrassing my man with drunk Karaoke, to eating conch, getting sick (worst thing ever) to stalls on the beach talking to God, to enjoying black Bahamian love, to spending times with the in laws, pigging out, to hotel hopping and so much more. This trip was everything. I don’t have the fancy “blogger pics” that I normally have because we were pretty on a set schedule and I was trying to enjoy each moment and take it all in so I’m giving you the “realness”of it all.  I do pray constantly to be able to get paid to travel and create some bomb content because I have so many ideas and I know they can pop, but my time will come. If you want diets on my pieces, please refer back to my IG where everything is tagged.

Well I hope you enjoyed my recap. Happy Friday! xoxo

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