Happy Friday!

Even though it’s the 4th day of Spring and we have snow on the ground, I think I can say that this better had been the LAST snowstorm we get damn it or me and mother nature are going to have a problem! LOL. I mean its March 22, this is insane. I’m just so excited to slowly start to be jacket less, not having to bundle up and wrap myself up like a taco with wearing a million layers just to try and stay warm. I’m definitely a person who can not stand the cold! Hate it! I was born in January so you can definitely see why right? Lawd knows I was born way too early, but whatevs I’m blessed and thats all that matters. Where is Spring? It’s totally time to bring out those open toe shoes, espadrilles, maxi dresses, light leather jackets, etc can we agree? So I tried out a new wig as you can see and in the store I loved it, but when the day came to shoot and I put it on! Babyyyy! I was so upset! I already had my Meek Mill braids going on the night before, I  was rushing around grabbing my last minute things etc so I had no other choice, but to just role with it. Now in the store it totally looked different honest to God. It’s too poofy, but you live and learn, but I’m going to still rock with it and werk it until next week. Although I look like I belong in the group, the Marvelettes, but they were fly so,meh. Haaha.  Yes! I will have a different bob, although I’m strongly contemplating on going back to my short hair, but thats another story for another day. Any who, lets get into this look! Would you believe me if I told you that this entire look is from…

Primark! Yup! Tee, Joggers, and heels! The tee is a mens small t-shirt, the joggers are women in a size 10 because I wanted them roomy and baggy and the shoes, I just had to have because I don’t have any nude shoes believe it or not in my closet. Entire outfit…drumroll $31! You definitely can’t beat that! The rings are even from there except the triangle ring. My bag is custom from my boo http://www.thesepinklips.com that is a one of one. Sunnies are Celine that I snagged from Saks Off Fifth.

Thanks so much for stopping by my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and my look. Enjoy your weekend! xoxo TWS

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