Hey Loves!

Where do I even begin? Yesterday wasn’t a good day for me, but in a way it kind of was. Working a 9-5 can be a gift and a curse if you know what I mean. No, I didn’t get fired or anything, but yesterday was totally and definitely a wake up call for following your dreams and knowing that you must do the infinite amount of work for YOU. However, God throws your all the tests in the world when you pray for something of change or working towards a goal that you’re trying to accomplish. He gives you these tests to see if you can one, handle it and two pass it. This lets you know if you’re ready for that next “promotion” in your life. If you really walk it like you talk it. No matter how hard you work, no matter how dedicated and a team player you are, always, always, always MAKE SURE that your doing times infinity things for yourself and your business if you have one. I can’t stress that enough. Blessings in disguise are bitter sweet, but hey if they don’t happen then you don’ know how to arrange your life. Can we agree? Or can we agree to disagree? Lawd knows I’m so ready to do what my heart truly loves and what I’m passionate about. Today was a sign. Indeed it was, but I know better things are coming and God has a plan for me greater than I can imagine. Stay tuned…Now lets get into this look.

Wearing white is so pure and I’m feeling quite Godly in this linen tunic from http://www.fasondeviv.com. After all I am a Goddess if you ask me. Yup, I said, what I said (NeNe Lakes voice) jeans are also from her boutique. Bag is Primark that they do still currently have it and it comes in this midnight greenish color as well. Shoes are from a boutique here in Philly called Got the Look that I got last summer, that are replicas of the Dsquared sandals. Lastly, my shades are by Celine that I snagged from Off Fifth.

Thank you so much for reading my post. Hope you enjoyed the read, got something from it and love this fab look. xoxo TWS

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