Happy Saturday Ladies!

Where do I even begin on this topic, Black Girl Magic. Black History month “ may be over” but this blackness and black girl magic is for eternity. Black girl magic isn’t just a movement and concept it’s a time to celebrate a lifetime to acknowledge beauty, power and resilience of black women around the universe from the past, present and future. Black girl magic has been highlighted because for the most part, black women or just black people in general are over feeling anything less because the color of our skin. It’s a daily message and reminder that we are unpologetically celebrating every part of ourselves and each other. Black girl magic is saying yasssss, I see you black woman and I see you over there being great and living out your dreams and fighting for our rights. Many black women have to recover from traumas they may have experienced or experience simply being a black woman in today’s and past society. Black women like Harriet Tubman, Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Mary McLeod Bethune, Ella Barker, Ida B. Wells, Shirley Chisholm, etc the list goes on and on had to go through so many struggles, so many fights to get to where they have come and to see what they went through is tramatizing in itself. These are women we look up to, we respect and want to be like. These women have definitely changed the world and paved the way for us. We must continue the legacy and fight for what our ancestors did for us and apply it in this present day and teach the greatness of our people. Black people are not a trend just because you see all this black girl magic stuff floating around, we’ve been around, we’ve been great, we’ve been powerful, we’ve been go getters. We’ve been and are a plethora of amazing things that has made us who we are today. Now let’s get into this look.

I love supporting US and repping what we stand for. This beret or tam whichever you want to call it is from a designer Leticia H. and her website is http://www.leticiahunt.com/foreh/   my boyfriend actually showed me her site because he went to college with her and I instantly fell in love with her stuff. The same day he showed me he instantly bought it for me, I really wanted the black one, but it was sold out, so I opted for the navy which is just as cute. Make sure you check out her site and cop something. They come in different colors and different sayings. I want like three more!  My bag and thigh highs are from Zara sale a couple months back and the skirt and cropped is pre racist H&M, turtle neck is Forever 21.

Thanks so much for stopping by my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and look. xoxo TWS


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  3. Yes, I noticed that chart with the extremely high statistics for black homicides. And yet these days the left is only concerned about the tiny number that occur at the hands of police. neo: Some years ago I checked the DOJ”s Bureau of Justice Statistics for 2005 violent crimes broken out by race for perp/victims and discovered jaw-dropping numbers for black-on-white vs white-on-black violence: White-on-Black-completed-violence-cases: 9,025 Black-on-Whitecompleted-violence-cases: 131,006 White-on-Black-sexual-assault-cases: 10 Black-on-Whitesexual-assault-cases: 37,460 Thus even though whites outnumbered blacks by nearly a factor of six in 2005, black were committing violence against whites in far larger numbers. Going per capita, it”s much worse. To a Martian observer it might appear blacks are waging an undeclared race war on whites. A few years ago, after being annoyed by Ta-Nehisi Coates going on and on about whites “breaking the black body, I went back to the BJS to check those numbers again and discovered the Obama administration had removed from the DOJ database all the breakouts, past and present, for perp/victim by race. Fortunately I saved a pdf of the 2005 report.

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