Happy Friday!

March is here and it’s Women’s history month! This is for all us beautiful, hustling and intelligent women making our dreams a reality and spreading all this Girl Power around!   In 1980, women noticed that women were absent from a multitude of things. No more than 3% of the content was devoted to women. Girls had few role models. Girls and boys and many adults assumed women did nothing important. So that’s why this perception needed to be addressed. Women convinced Congress and the White House of the need for our nation to celebrate and recognize women’s role in history on an annual basis. As a result of their efforts, the week of March 8th (International Women’s Day) was officially designated as National Women’s History Week. In 1987, women led the successful campaign to have the entire month of March declared National Women’s History. This is a multicultural women’s history perspective by honoring women of diverse cultural, ethnic, occupational, racial class and regional backgrounds.

When women get together it can be a powerful and beautiful thing. Look how this came about. I mean come on, we’re Godesses y’all heard Beyoncé’s song, Who run the world, GIRLS!  Haaha. This is probably the most girliest Iook I’ve ever done thus far I believe and it’s definitely not the norm for me, but it’s cute though right? Top and fringe skirt is from http://www.fasondeviv.com shoes are Forever 21 and my beret is from Paris that my friend brought me back from her trip. Being able to work with like minded women, helping each other grow, building long lasting relationships is just so Girl Power! That’s what I want to do all 2018 and beyond, bond with women who are willing to collaborate and build with each other! That’s what it’s all about and that’s slowly happening. Stay tuned…

Thanks so much for stopping by my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and this look. Happy Women’s Month ladies! xoxo TWS

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