Happy Thursday!

Reflecting from when I first launched and looking at my pics and style of photos I must say I have made some progress from then to now. Even growing with my photographer and putting out some quality content. When I write my blog posts they’re  mostly about real life situations and what’s happening or has happened in my life that I’m sharing. I want to be able to connect to people on a personal level while inspiring women how you can style different garments. That’s the purpose of The Weekend Sew, it’s like an inspiring/motivational fashion blog if you will while creating garments that I sew for beautiful women. Things are moving a bit slow in my blogging world, but a little progress is still progress. I’m learning everyday how to pose, what are my better angles, etc. Games face been on and I’m so ready for the next big opportunity, it has to be right around the corner. I feel it!  Lawd knows I’m doing my best, working hard and putting in werk. It’s just a matter of time. Now let’s take a look of this outfit.

I’m excited and love working with small boutique companies because I have one myself. Working with queens gives me an exuberant feeling because you see someone like you doing amazing things and striving for greatness. To know that these beautiful black women want to work together and not compete is a wonderful feeling. That’s how it’s suppose to be, collaborating over competition all 2018 and beyond. So without further or due, this fab sequin number is from https://www.sch-reldesire.com/   I absolutely love this top, but of course I styled it as a dress. This can easily be worn with some cut off shorts, leggings or skirt. It’s so Fun! If it had as marching pants I would be all over it. Make sure you click on her site!   My boots are from Zara’s massive see they had a couple months back. I love my throwback Marc Jacobs fanny pack.

Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and this look. xoxo TWS

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