Hey loves!

Ques Wale song. Go girl, go girl ambition. Ambition. Ambition. Haaha.  Never apologize for being ambitious, passionate, dedicated and strong minded. I always had a go getter mentality once I set my mind on something to accomplish. Like for my blog for instance, even though it was a struggle to start, once I got into the groove of things, learning everyday, I’ve been like the energizer bunny. Grant it I had some dry times where I didn’t have content, but that just gave me a chance to plan and slay when I was back on the seen. Set a goal. Focus on it. Execute it then kill it! Then repeat. Now let’s get into this look!

I’m so ready for the Spring and for some warm weather to break! I can’t get over how stinkin cute this dress is! Love love love it! It’s great to wear now as seen here with jeans and when it’s gets warmer out to show a little leg action. Yassss! Not to mention I’ll be going to a tropical place in April and you’ll definitely be seeing this dress again! So of course it is from the one and only http://www.fasondeviv.com if y’all haven’t checked out her site yet, your missing out! Most of the pieces that I’ve been posting for the couple past months is from her boutique. Earrings are http://www.primark.com sandals are Aldo from last season, bag I snagged at Marshall’s and can’t remember the designer brand, but it’s definitely vegan leather. Lastly zimlove the sock and sandal trend. Super cute.

Thanks so much for stopping by my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and liked the look. xoxo TWS

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