Happy Monday loves!

Sometimes we’re too hard on ourselves by expecting to get to our goals overnight. Being impatient is the cause of overthinking and negative thoughts. Which is something I go through as well, we all do, but we grow through it.  Always believe that things will work out for you no matter what. You have time. There’s no rush. Each day your working towards that dream or that goal and even if there baby steps, their still steps! The same things I’m saying now is the same things I tell myself because yes the struggle is absolutely real. We’re only human right. It’s always a good idea to talk good energy into your life and positive vibes. The universe definitely picks up on those vibes, trust! Now let’s get into this look.

Of course I’m wearing http://www.fasondeviv.com pants that I adore! I love a good wide leg pant. Decided to wear a hoody with it because I wanted a more street chic look since that is my style. You can totally dress it up with a off the shoulder top or tank, however you want to do it. The hoody I stole from my boyfriend because he always have comfy hoody’s. Shoes are Aldo and the bag is from Marshall’s. Necklaces are currently at Forever21.

Thanks so much for stopping by to read my post. Hope you enjoyed it and my look. xoxo TWS

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