Happy Thursday everyone! So far this year has been pretty good. I’m just really doing what I truly love, having fun and doing me. Just enjoying this journey and process because one day soon I’ll be doing 5 times the work I’m doing now and I’m definitely ok with that. Bring it! I’m ready for the next level, I’m ready to be booked, ready for that next opportunity to come through my emails or DM about something great! I’m just actively and mentally preparing myself for the day. Work and Werk! God brings those opportunities when you’re ready so I hope I’m doing the right thing to receive these blessings. If your hungry, you gotta eat right? Now let’s get into this look.

The pieces you see are unfortunately not in stores currently but of course can be replicated if you like the look. My tee shirt is super old, but I’ve had it for years from  Marc Jacobs. Quick story, MJ use to be one of my absolute fave designers so every time I visited NY Imalwadysbhad to go to the Marc Jacob store and get something. The leather trench is FasonDeViv but not for sale. Pumps and bag is Primark and jeans are H&M (pre racial  headlines)

Thank you so much for stopping past my brief post. Hope you enjoyed the read and look. xoxo TWS

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