Happy Tuesday Ladies!

Im just gonna hop right into this ladies. Know that without a doubt that what’s yours is yours. All your goals, all your dreams, all those opportunities you’ve been praying about is already YOURS and manifesting. Speaking things into the universe  and into existence as if you already have it and being in that mindset of greatness puts you in that realm of what specifically belongs to you and what’s to come to you with ease. No longer expect the worst to happen, expect some grand sh$t because you deserve the greater things in life. When you open your email, expect great opportunities, when you check your mailbox, expect checks and not bills. Although that may not happen instantly it’s bound to happen once you continue to claim what’s yours! Trust! Manifestation is definitely real, because things has happened for me! I swear to goodness, keep claiming, keep manifesting and putting in action what belongs to you. Trust, it will come. Now let’s get into this look.

So the silky cami dress I’m wearing is of course from one of my favorite black owned boutiques http://www.fasondeviv.com the shirt is by http://www.siobhanhunterbrand.com which is another black owned boutique. My necklaces and earrings are from another black owned accessory brand http://www.sch-reldesire.com and lastly my trench and sunnies are Primark. True story, last year I wrote down that I wanted to reach out to Hanifah, who owns FasonDeViv and collab with her to wear her pieces for my blog. For some reason I kept putting it off, putting it off. So I kid you not, as soon as I was about to reach out to her and ask her to collab, she reached out to me with the same idea I had in mind and BAM! Here we are! I’m telling you, manifest what you want.

Thank you for stopping past my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and look of the day! xoxo TWS


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