Happy Wednesday y’all!

What a day it was on Monday! To be back in front of so many cameras and my adrenaline pumping when photographers shoot you. Such a great feeling and moment! Lets rewind to how I got to this point. So the coat you saw me frolicking in was actually my senior collection that I made in 2007. The collection was based on the Great Depression, The Bread Line, so everything was menswear on women. The men wore over sized trench coats, trouser pants and paper boy hats.  However, the coat in particular was based on Beyoncé Ring the Alarm, just the silhouette of it. Do y’all remember when she performed at the MTV awards and performed it? Yea that’s where the inspo came from.  So I figured I’d put my own twist to it, but still keep it in that concept using those heavy fall fabrics and neutral colors. I know a lot of people have been inquiring about it, but unfortunately it’s a one of one. Sorry guys. However, I’m looking into having this in my Fall 2018 collection, but we shall see because it’s definitely not a cheap coat. I will definitely keep y’all posted.

These bomb and beautiful images were shot by by my boo https://www.instagram.com/mama.photog who does absolute bomb photos! This is her second time shooting me! She pulled me over and we did a whole photoshoot! It was everything! I went to NYFW because it was another way to market myself and to not only show my design skills, but to show my style as well. That I can do both because what’s one with out the other? What other perfect time other than during NYFW. At the end of the day, I’m just following my dreams, I even called out of work just to come up for one day. Taking a chance on myself because if not me than who? Whatever your dream is just do it, put yourself out there, go the extra mile, have faith, work hard and know that anything is possible through the grace of God and the universe. What you put out you get back. So make sure it’s good and positive! I’m hoping these photos and other photos by all the other photographers land in the right place. God know I’m pushing myself so hard and working towards my goals, this was one of them! Amen!

The bag that you see was originally just a cute bag I bought from Ross and thought was cute, then after putting together this look, the bag went with my sandals and the words went with the coat that my boyfriend came up with Coat Check. Artwork done by my other boo https://www.instagram.com/thesepinklips Thank you so much for reading my post. Hope you enjoyed it and this look. This is definitely my number one for my top 2018 looks so far!

Thank you for stopping past my post. Hope you enjoyed the read and look. xoxo TWS



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