Well what do you know, Hump Day is here! Happy Wednesday folks! I know most of my blog posts doesn’t talk about styling tips and how to wear things, or what silhouettes and colors for your body type, etc but I like to share life stories and encourage people to do great things. Style starts from the soul, from within and having that confidence to pull anything off your heart desires is key. Can we agree or no?  Anyway, I wanted to briefly discuss how collaborating with like minded individuals, other bloggers, designers and brands is key to helping your business grow and your counterparts business grow. Why work harder instead of matter when working with a second brain to help you help them. It just makes simple sense. No? When I first, first started my clothing brand i didn’t think it was best to work with anyone else because I was worried about the wrong things. Instead of getting the help that I could of used and wanted to do it all alone, but sometimes you can’t! You can do every single thing on your own if you plan to grow your business. technically you can wear many hats, but you need a team and others to help you expand. Thats why I absolutely like working with other people because they help me, help them and thats what its all about.

When you can be a team with other people and work together, why not collaborate? You’d be surprised how much further you can get when doing so. You never what they can bring t the table and vice versa. More collaborations all 2018! So ofcourse I collaborated with http://www.fasondeviv.com with these bomb silky track pants (small back owned boutique) that I paired with this super plush and soft sweater from Primark that was on sale for $7 bucks! I bought two, the other one is in cream that I’m wearing in my post from last week. Pumps are from Primark and my tassel earrings too.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog post. Hope you enjoyed it and the look. I’m looking forward to collaborating with more people and brands. Can’t wait to see what the future holds, but God! xoxo TWS




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