Happy Monday Loves! Off on a good foot to a productive and week/weekend. Fashion week is upon us and I’m in good spirits around this time. This time always brings back so many memories to when I crashed NYFW with my guerilla marketing runway show and did it a second time when icon Bill Cunningham photographed and spoke about my designs. Priceless! Still wonder til this day where those pics ended up good thing I recorded everything. I’m just so happy to be doing two of my favorite and passionate things that I love, styling and designing. It fills me with so much joy and so many indescribable feelings that I can’t explain. I pray everyday to God that I can do these things full time and my goals is to make that dream a reality by 2020 if not sooner. It just feels absolutely right right now that everything will work out and my dreams are gonna come true. I just can’t wait for that day to come because I will look back and know that, wow, I’m here and this is what I prayed for. Whatever your dreams, goals and aspirations are you will get them. What’s for you is for YOU always remember that. Work hard, be humble, stay in your lane, focus, talk to God or whoever you believe in and watch the magic unfold. Even writing this gives me butterflies because so much greatness is headed my way and yours. Bank on it! Also, the race we’re on is a marathon, not a sprint. Trust your process, everything has their time to bloom. Now let’s get into this look.

The track pant trend is super cute and is here to stay if you ask me. It’s so versatile that of course you can wear your typical tennis shoes or spice it up with some heels how I did it. These are from http://www.fasondeviv.com  and their super chic, soft and comfy. The sweater I stole my bf, heels are http://www.primark.com as well as the bag that I’m currently in love with and jacket is Forever 21. You will definitely see more track pants in my wardrobe with future posts because their just too chic.

Well thanks so much for stopping by to read my post and check out my look. Hope you enjoyed! Xoxo TWS

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