Happy Hump Day loves! As I write this post, All I can think about is the song from Beyonce, “Freedom” Not only is it  a song about US its about empowering yourself, to never quit,  keep going, keep fighting for your beliefs and bet on yourself. As the song lyrics go, “I’ma keep running cause a winner don’t quit on themselves!” Lets just say this is my anthem for 2018! If you have been keeping up with my posts and/or on IG stories I was so in the dark and in a slump and to have that same exhilarating, fresh, powerful feeling I had years ago all over again to say the least it feels FANTABULOUS! My GOD! Best believe I WILL work hard and come for mine 2018!  If you don’t bet on yourself first, who will? If people don’t believe in you or your product, eff them! If they talking bad about you and unsupportive, eff them! I prayed so hard and worked for where I am right now and I haven’t even reached my goal, but I did get out of that major funk and dark time, THANK YOU GOD! Feeling real powerful and cocky fresh with this look today and I’m not saying it in a negative way, I’m saying it a confident way cause it took me a very HOT minute to feel this way! I mean why wouldn’t I feel powerful anyway in this all black errthang  right? Now lets get into this look…

Dream it, work hard and OWN IT! Yes, that was another Beyonce line, but hey if the lyric fits, I’m wearing it! Haaha! Nothing like athleisure with some flyness to it. If anything I love being comfy first then the flyness and chicness comes next. Can anyone else agree? Yes track ants can be absolutely dressed up or down and today I want to put some sauce on it. Adidas pants are so comfy and functional. I added a turtle neck from Forever 21 and my vest is a bday gift from Nordstrom about 2 years ago, but you can find these vests pretty much anywhere. My pumps are from Primark and they are currently in the store.

Thank you for stopping by post. Hope you enjoyed the read and this look. xoxo TWS

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