Happy Monday Loves!

Today is a casual day, Monday Schmonday.  Getting back in the “work routine” and ready for what greatness this week will bring. Expecting that its a week of productivity, new opportunities and positivity. Lately, all I ever try to do is expect blessings on a daily basis. Each day that your blessed with to see, gives you an opportunity to be better and greater than you were yesterday. I want to make sure that I’m outdoing myself, each day that I’m given. The only person I want to compete with is the person in the mirror and that person is ME. Not the next blogger, not the next designer, but ME, Me and ME! People get so caught up on what the next person is doing, they end up losing themselves in the process of their personal growth and not knowing who they are. Don’t lose yourself or compare yourself to a stranger on Instagram or any other social media platform that gives you a facade of how there life is popping if you will and then look at your life and ask, why your isn’t? Don’t do it! You will put yourself in a bad, sad and failure of a mood. I’ve done it before and thats when I became stagnant, and dead, figuratively speaking. NEVER AGAIN! It pulls so much from you. Know that with being popping, comes timing. Everyones time is different on the outcome of their lives. Compare yourself to yourself!  Now lets get into this look…

These corduroy overalls are made by me, their actually halter overalls. Super comfy and chic. Decided to wear with a chunky sweater  to give it a more relaxed look. Sweater, bag and earrings are from http://www.primark.com shoes are Aldo, but I got them last year and socks are Target. I love a cute printed sock and the whole sock and sandal trend. Its too cold to have your toes out, at least thats what I think. So why not add a fun sock to make it extra cute. Thank you so much for stopping by my post and I hoped you enjoyed this look. xoxo TWS


















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