Hey dolls! Happy Thursday! Growing up fashion was definitely not my first calling. Ready for this…I wanted to be a choreographer. I knew all the dances in the videos growing up, mostly from the  late great Aaliyah (I still know the dances, ask my friends lol) or watching In Living Color, whew, I’m showing my age, not really. Haaha! After that, fashion still wasn’t my thing, next I wanted to be a nurse once I got to high school because that was something my mom and aunt had a background in and why not follow the steps of strong, smart woman and carry the family legacy right? It wasn’t until the end of my junior year of high school, beginning of senior year that I wanted to be in fashion. My family always had style, grandmom, aunts, uncles, but especially my mom, seeing her get dressed up to go out with her friends, etc it sparked my interest. I started designing or shall I say decorating timberland boots (omg thinking back they were hideous, but hot back then) cutting up clothes, etc so I decided to take it seriously and ended up attending Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia. Cont…

True story, even though I was in school for Fashion Design, my heart was in fashion styling, which I pretty much jumped into afterwards. I interned at TRACE magazine, Kate Spade, DVF (almost landed a design internship and possible job after, but again, my mind wasn’t there smh, but you live and you learn) I did that for a little while, then it wasn’t until September 2010 when I went full throttle in design and crashed NYFW with some guerrilla marketing video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNmA0psHAGQ after that time things were going well, I did a Kickstarter and raised money to create my first collection, was in different boutiques, even in a store in Bahrain. It was amazing and more awesome feeling doing what I love! From then to know and in between a plethora of things happened personally, like I was in a major funk, sinking and couldn’t pull myself out of it! It had gotten to a point where I pretty much was saying screw fashion, and was literally a centimeter away to going back to school for my previous interest as a pediatric nurse. I was so close, paid for the classes and everything. I kid you not, the day before school started I dropped the classes and got my money back, like this isn’t for me. Fashion is really where my heart is, a true love, not to mention I paid 100K for school to go down the drain! No, No and No! I just pretty much paused my brand for some years. It took a lot of prayer, talking to friends, tears and joy to bring me back and MAN I’m so happy that thats completely over! Never again! The worst moment ever! So long story short, here I am! Blessed! Thank you Father God! I say all of that, to say this, Do what you’ve and it will love you back! Now lets get into this look. I’m feeling ultra fierce in my  http://fasondeviv.com shaggy coat, turtle neck is http://www.forever21.com, bag and shades are http://www.primark.com and my fav velvet and leather sock booties are Balenciaga.

Thanks for stopping by my post! Hope you enjoyed the read and look! xoxo TWS

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