Hey Ladies! Smile while you still have teeth. I know I’m the one to always look serious, but that’s my natural resting face and shouldn’t be taken the wrong way. I just sort of have a resting Bi%$# face, but I mean absolute no harm! Promise! My friends can totally vouch for me. I’m a Capricorn so we’re mostly serious, but the most sweetest, loving, determined and ambitious people out there.  I tend o think that I have a pretty smile so why not show it off right?

I try to think of little things and happy places that make me smile, random things, like my funny and smart nephew, episodes of Martin, my boyfriend laughing at something I don’t find funny at all lol, funny memes on IG or accomplishing small goals because they still count! Just the fact that I know I can turn this fashion life into a real career makes me smile because I know for a fact it can be done! Furthermore, knowing that what’s for me, is for ME. God has a sistahs front and back and that’s way more than smiling. So from here on out, I’m going to smile more in my posts, it won’t be all the time because I like to smize and be fierce because thats my middle name, besides extra, but you get my drift right? What are some things that make you smile? Lets get into this look. So over the weekend I had the opportunity to budget all at the mall and use my bday funds and snag a few items. So the joggers that I’m wearing are actually mens, size small from http://www.primark.com the cropped hoodie and olive pleather jacket are both from http://www.forever21.com boots and handbag are both http://www.aldoshoes.com

Lastly the super cute crochet hat I’m wearing is actually a ski mask that you can wear into a hat. I got it from a small black owned business based in Philly and her IG name is _croshayed


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