When I started my blog a year ago all I kept doing was feeding myself words of encouragement almost daily, manifesting that I meet the right people, gain more followers, getting sponsored posts and overall just trying to better myself everyday (and I won’t stop) FYI. So with that being said it all happened and I’m so thankful for putting out those good vibes into the universe and just believing that things can happen for you. There’s definitely a ton more of things I’m putting out in the universe that will happen for me and I can’t wait for them to unfold.

I don’t know if it’s just the start of a New Year or just my emotions and feelings, but I’m feeling full in a sense that when I’m thinking and feeling positive and putting out those good vibes and that good energy, the universe is receiving it and showing out for a sistah! I haven’t gotten my first huge campaign yet or nothing exceedingly major has happened, but in a sense it has because I’m challenging myself a bit more, I’m learning so much and not letting those challenges deter me from my goals. Whenever your feeling those good vibes and positivity, feed it to the universe and see how it comes back to you. I promise you, it’s REAL! So let’s get into this look, I stole my boyfriends sweater that’s from H&M, as well as my liquid denim. Shoes are Aldo, hat is Forever 21, gloves are Michael Kors, bag is Primark and coat is from Zara.

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my post. I hope you enjoyed this look. Xoxoxo TWS

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