Wow. Here we are 2018 has begun and is off on a good start. Thinking more optimistic, feeling a little more clarity of what I’m doing, visualizing and manifesting what I want and just having fun. Last year, was a year of learning for me, actually tons of learning and I’m still doing so. I reached one year of blogging last October and I must say I’ve come a long way with even longer ways to go. Thus far, I am forever thankful and grateful that I’ve come this far and started gaining sponsored posts, doing brand collaborations and getting a little more notary of my work and style. Blogging showed me how much fun it can be while being hard as well. From finding a photographer, scouting locations, posing, etc blogging is NOT easy, but I  will say I honestly LOVE it! There’s so many goals I want to reach and accomplish that with hard work and consistency I know I’m able to reach them. This is a career that was made for me and I know one day God will place me to do this full time along with my clothing brand Shavonne DeAnn. Just missing a few pieces of my puzzle, but soon enough everything will connect.

More and more I’m learning that I’m working with what I have to get what I want. Clothes wise that is. It’s so hard to shop with limited funds, when your trying to save money in life so initially (if you have kept up with my blog so far) you will know how I came up with my name, but if you don’t know. I was supppse to be making garments throughout the week and posting them on the weekend hence the name The Weekend Sew and I’m happy to say that I’m doing so. Yay! Finally doing what’s really behind my blog name! So the garment that I’m wearing I sewed it. Just a tannish cream, simple oversized fleece duster  with 3/4 sleeves and top stitched pockets. Super warm and cozy, not to mention it was about 17 degrees outside. Yikes! This can be worn a trillion ways like with all denim, jeans, a tee shirt and sneakers or some heels if you wanna spruce it up bit, etc.

So if you’re inquiring about this cardigan, sorry ladies you can expect a Spring /Summer 2018 collection for me as well as a Fall 2018 collection. I promise you will LOVE it! Will launch In April and September. However, my crop leather jacket is from H&M, leggings are from Nordstrom and my cute pearly witch shoes are from Zara as well as my huge blanket scarf that I adore. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you enjoyed this post and look.

Happy New Year, xoxo TWS.



    • theweekendsew Reply

      Thanks Autumn! I’m super excited about my upcoming collections. I’ll def be sure to keep you posted! ♥️

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