Bonjour, Mi Amours! One thing that’s on my bucket list is to visit Paris and/or attend PFW (Paris Fashion Week) one day and I will! Mark my words. Just to be under the Eiffel Tower when it lights up at night with my love, putting a lock on the love fence, being snapped from the Papparazzi during PFW and of course enjoying their food. This look is inspired by the streets of Paris all I’m missing is some macaroons. Speaking of macaroons, I’m addicted to the caramel and vanilla ones. Yummmms! Anywho, I’m loving my beret that my friend Amanda picked me up while she was there, since I couldn’t go, she brought a little piece back with her and I love it. She actually bought me two, the other one is pastel pink. Can’t wait to wear that one too. Now let’s get into this look!

This is my fav look thus far for Fall! With the not so cold weather yet, this is perfect for the 60 degree weather we’ve been getting because i hate the cold!  My coat is Primark, patent skirt and ruffle top H&M, beret is from Paris (check out the Pris embroidered detail) and booties are Nine West. Hope you enjoy your day! Au Revoir!

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