Hello Ladies!

As a kid growing up I was sort of a girly girl, but had some tomboy in me as far as always playing in dirt, climbing trees, etc. Now don’t get me wrong I had all the barbies and doll babies too so I guess you can say it was a balance. Balance is key. However, my style was never super girly, it always had some sort of roughness around the edge, which made my style to be street chic or tomboy chic if you will. I love my heels and sneakers so if I can mix the two and still be the girl I am, why not!

I haven’t been shopping in so long and this is a look I scraped up because that’s what stylish people do right? You work with what you have to get what you want and make it work. Lately I’ve been going through the motions of trying to slightly “keep up with the Jones” but nah. Life is happening and I can not! The reason I started this blog is to showcase my personal style and to inspire other women with my style. You don’t have to have all the latest fashions and trends to be fly because when you have style, you can make a thrift store garment look like a million bucks and I have always known that, and it took me until his point for whatever reason to realize that. Smh!

So going forth I will reintroduce myself to going thrifting more often since it’s in budget and (I always loved it anyways) and mix it with the “latest” as I always done. Why “fit in” when you can stand out. Silly me. Cheers to more content coming! xoxo TWS


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