_mg_9952-800x533Laughter is always good for the soul it lightens some of the burdens of your shoulders. Besides, life is better when you’re laughing. growing through these changes of being a new blogger gets a bit frustrating because I don’t know if I’m doing it right or sometimes I ask myself, is there a right way? Whatever the answer is, I know I’m doing something I love and it makes me happy. So whatever you may be going through or whatever the case maybe, make sure you laugh when you can.  I know sometimes my pictures catch me at a resting face that can be read as serious, but I PROMISE you I am such a fun, down to earth, animated person and HAPPY person!
img_9900-800x533img_9910-800x533 Wearing my Troisieme, half of bee hoody. Super comfy and warm that can definitely be unisex. My skirt is thrifted, shoes are by Zara and patent cross body from H&M.  Troisime.usimg_9914-800x533 img_9924-533x800


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